Hand-Dyed Roving – Fable


Hand dyed roving in shades of forest green and rust brown with lustrous bright aqua and a touch of bright purple all dyed on a luxury Merino silk blend. This colorway was inspired by my memories of playing Zelda as a youngster and the forest adventures of little Link.  You can choose to spin this roving as is for a yarn with a long smooth color changes, or split it lengthwise before spinning for multiple shorter color repeats.

70/30 Merino/Silk
126 grams

The fibre you see is the fibre you will get.  I take pictures of each new braid as it is dyed.
I do my best to ensure the colors are represented accurately, but there may be some variation due to monitor settings.  All dyes have been heat set for color fastness and the roving has been “refloofed” after dyeing for ease of drafting.  These rovings also work incredibly well in nuno felting giving character and sheen to the finished piece.

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